Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Some illustrations

Yea I really messed up the order of all these. Who cares though? You don't know the difference, right? So I completely forgot to post the illustrative work from last year. Not to be left out, here they are.

I worked on a Childrens book all semester involving a boy and his robot friend. Fun experience.

I am a gigantic fan of Richard Mathesons' I AM LEGEND. So I jumped at the chance to illustrate one of my favorite parts in the book. The book, which is superior in every way to that dull CGI fest nightmare of a film, was originally published in 1954. But it still reads as though its taking place, right now, outside. And i kinda wish is was.... I could so hold off the vampire hoard.

Very last assignment of that year. Our professor discovered a Hero Name Generator , and assigned us each with a character to create. I dug mine big time. Marko Typhus, Warlock Hunter. Anyway yea, look at you viewer, two posts in one night for you. Nice huh?