Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bottle Project

The objective here was to take an ordinary bottle and show how using different techniques you could create a unique look to each product.

This is that Pumice Soap you see with grits of sand mixed in. Its used for cleaning off grease and paint or anything else normal soap doesn't remove too well. With this one I wanted to reflect the unmistakeable texture of the soap on the outside of the bottle. Also I updated the color scheme of the brand and cut away at the front so that it is visible how much soap you have left.

This is a bottle of guitar polish and again I wanted the design to mimic the product. This was a bit of a personal challenge getting the fretboard to look as true to life as possible. I couldn't allow myself any quarter and wanted it to look authentic. I put the product copy on the inverse of the front logo. To give and interesting effect once you turn the bottle over. It almost forces the buyer to read.

The last bottle is a fictional brand of Hot Sauce. I love hot sauce, period. Rather than rely on company familiarity or boast of scoville units I drew a relationship between spicy sauces and hell fire. I furthered my blaspheme by giving the wrap around a tail and horns and finished the bottle by giving it a 'smoked' gradient effect from the bottom up.