Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hang Em High

New thing for Groff. I would gladly drive to texas for this if only it were real. It was an open assignment so I had some fun with it. I'd been wanting to do something western themed ever since I saw The Proposition way back in the summer. Then I started reading the Dark Tower series and that only fueled the Olde-timey flame. So this is the outcome of several months of western brooding and Colt single action armys and dusty glasses of whiskey. I like it. I mean I had a lot of fun doing this one. its always fun when I get to break out the bottle of higgins india ink and get a little messy. I created so many custom brushes for this guy too. I feel pretty accomplished. Normally this is where the "blogger" would go to sleep with sense of self-righteousness. Me? I'm gonna go do more homework. Til next time campers, thanks for looking.

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